Midnight Avocado

by Shuffle Mode

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released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Shuffle Mode Princeton, New Jersey

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Track Name: I Calls It Easy
In hotel rooms, you thought that you could hide
But we're at the door, waiting to get inside
Come out and play; it's just a matter of time
I called your bluff

Indecision, wrack my brains. I just can't see how these things are the same
And all these people pushing forward--it makes me want to dig my heels in and stop
Push back's no good so i guess I've got to let and do as I should
What would you think about that?

We've chosen you--chosen you for the feast
And you act like you, act like you've had enough
You try to run. Run, but the hunters increase
Track Name: I've Had It
She saw the clouds come rolling in but gave no second thought
'Cuz this was good enough for her, this life, or so she thought
And all along, he's put her first; he's having second thoughts
Perhaps it's time to stand up and take back what he's got

Tell her what he's wanted to say; he'll tell her that he said he's had it

It's four o'clock now and he's not come back through that door
And all along she's wondering if she wants to take this anymore
So lose your troubles now, girl, and walk back to your bead
But just before you do, girl, you'll lock that door instead.

Tell him what she's wanted to say; she'll tell him that she said she's had it

The crowd's been gathering there; they've been waiting for the word
But just as nothing shows they see lessons that they've learned.

Tell them what they've wanted to say; they'll tell them that they said they've had it.
Track Name: Mockingbird
The other day, I saw out my window
A little bird smiling at me
I said, "Mockingbird, pay me no misery."
"Mockingbird, fly on, fly on."
Track Name: Unplugged
[Lyrics not available. Deal with it.]